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Take your b2b outreach to the next level!

This is CloseKit.

Some say it has become their one & only sales tool.

Save yourself from the chaos - Unify your entire outbound sales workflow in one chrome extension, 1 click away.

“CloseKit shot our productivity through the roof and made us focus on the sale, not the tedious parts of prospecting & reaching out.”
Emil Hajric, CEO of Helpjuice

Is outreach a pain in the butt for you?

Stop jumping between sales tools to do your outreach.


👌 Convenient as can be

Do outreach from anywhere..

Whether you’re on a LinkedIn profile, or a company website. CloseKit is smart enough to find a valid email, prefill the recipient and company details for you.

🔧 Everything a sales king needs

Auto follow-ups & tracking with every email.

Stop doing the dirty work of keeping tabs on your prospects. build your outreach & follow-up once and forget about it.

🔍 Data at your fingerprint

Find key employees & their contact info in seconds.

CloseKit works with your existing LinkedIn account and fetches key employees of any company you currently browse.

Auto follow-ups that work

Smart response-detection, that doesn’t work against you.

CloseKit continuously scans your email account and looks for responses from both people you contacted and others within their organization.

If you need total control, You can also approve auto follow-ups right before they get sent out.

So.. how much does it cost?

$0, zero, nada. Use CloseKit for free, forever. Unlimited sends, Tracking, and Follow-ups included.

If you really need a CRM integration or unlimited email lookups/guesses, CloseKit Plus+ costs a fair $50/mo.

CloseKit integrates with most CRMs out there

Sit back and relax. Once your connect your CRM, CloseKit creates its own deal pipeline and keeps it up to date with the prospects you contacted.

You get to view each prospect’s status on your CRM along with events like email opens and responses.